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We will be happy to outfit you for your hunt. We will provide a complete package, in writing, which includes a two night hunt unless tag is filled on first night.
guide, equipment, vessel, light snacks and soda. Call for details. 843-509-4472

Price: $550.00. Each additional hunter/rider - $50.00
$250.00 deposit to confirm booking. Book early, our guides fill fast!

Harvest Training
For those who would prefer to harvest your own gators, with your own equipment and vessel, but are lacking a hands on experience, and in need of guidance, the solution is our Harvest Training Run. We will take you out on your harvest area, before the season starts. We will advise you on how to use your equipment, what to expect on your hunt, tips on habitat & strategy, along with help in lining up processors or purchasers. Very informative and will save you more than the price in mistakes, equipment loss, damage, accidents and headaches!
Trip is about 4 hours for two people.
Price $250.00.

Advise before you go on your own...............
You may be thinking the price of a guide is high. With background info and some research, you may find that it's a bargain! We here at gator getters are expierienced at finding gators, and getting them in the boat. the season may be new, but we have ben hunting them for years. This is our profession we do this for a living. Or do a google search (gator Getter consultants). And you will find that we run a very profesional business and know how to catch alligators, we curriently hold the state record at 13 foot 51/2 inches, he weighed in at 740lb (see picture)

Now for the numbers.
To hunt, you will need $200 to $400 of equipment (harpoons, rods, lights, bang stick, lines), a boat and a truck. Miscellaneous items may run you another $50 to $100 (bug spray, tape, maps, charts, gaff). Also, factor in you may hunt 2 to 5 nights and still not fill your tags. Depending on your boat & truck, you may burn $15 to $75 per night in fuel. Add to these expenses any damage you may do to your truck from lack of sleep or vessel from muck, stumps, logs, rocks, vegetation or gator bites (they bite VERY hard). Foot/prop damage $100 to $1,500, hull damage $150 to 1,000's! Another thing, when you hunt with your neighbor's third cousin, ask about the boat, equipment, experience and how much beer it takes to hunt. You may or may not like the answer. Last, put it all in writing!

The point to be taken is this could become a very expensive undertaking with little reward! Weigh it out carefully if you go on your own. Some advise to save you money: If you don't know the lake, run it a few times before the season, and at least once after dark. Know where the ramp is! Know your vessel's fuel consumption. Ask the locals about muck, mud, rocks, logs and stumps. Another area of concern is the ramps. With low water, don't damage your truck, boat or trailer. Also ask the locals about theft from the ramp. Many areas it's a good idea to have someone camp at your truck! Hopefully, this advice will assist you in enjoying your hunt!

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