(Understanding Alligators Though Education)
We here at GG understand the need for alligator control and education.

Control- of alligators that have lost there fear of people through human contact such as feeding, harassing, and, or just daily contact.

Education- The more a person understands the way of the alligator; the more he can enjoy this majestic dinosaur in his neighborhood pond.

Removal of nuisance alligators.
Relocate alligators on your property.

Give you advice on alligators that may not be a nuisance.
But concerns you.

Alligator surveys - Will give you knowledge of how many alligators you have on your property.

Management Plans- On How Best to manage your population.

Educational Seminars- Power Point Presentation on (How to live with alligators) which gives people an understanding about alligators and hopefully remove some fear about them.

Please call so we can discuss in more detail about our services and pricing for each service.





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